28 April 2020

Squire Report, Vol 14: Questionable Decisions

Suffice it to say, a lot has happened since my last report, so let's get to some of the highlights from the past year and then some...


Over the 2018 Thanksgiving weekend, my wife and I decided to make a trip to Las Vegas so I could once again cheer on the Golden Knights in person.  Thankfully, this would also give me the opportunity to see both the elaborate pre-game show AND the team's mascot, as neither were in place during my previous visit for the inaugural season home opener.  And what a difference a year makes!

For starters, we were able to witness the pre-game procession of the "Knight Line" featuring showgirls, cheerleaders, drummers and the mascot: Chance the Gila monster.  A brief concert ensued at the outdoor plaza, and I was able to snap off a quick picture with Chance before he darted away.

24 April 2020

Hockey Road Trip: Minnesota Nice! (Part 2)

In the first part of our Minnesota trip, Charlene and I witnessed both an NFL and NHL game, while also seeing where Prince called home. But we still had a few more days for sightseeing and off we went…


This entire day would be reserved for the crown jewel of Minnesota tourist attractions: the Mall of America. Having already been to the West Edmonton Mall in Canada (reportedly the largest mall in North America), I was curious to see its American counterpart. Truly, it was a sight to behold.

We started with breakfast at Tim Hortons, acquiring the much-needed fuel for what would be a very long day. The Mall consists of several “phases”, four stories high with a giant amusement park in the middle. In fact, it’s so big that there are some stores (such as American Eagle and Champ Sports) that have TWO locations within the mall itself!

Our first stop was FlyOver America (a ride very reminiscent of Soarin' from Disneyland), and then we proceeded to spend the rest of the day perusing the massive premises and snacking along the way.  It's amazing - though not surprising - how much time you can spend at the Mall of America, and I would have to recommend it to anyone visiting the area!

We wrapped up with dinner in the food court and a few rides at the Nickelodeon Universe amusement park, before heading home after a very exhausting day on our feet.

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