11 October 2013

One Memorable Night: The Range Of Emotions At A Home Opener

Let's face it - hockey is a passionate game.  From the players on the ice to the fans in the stands, everyone tends to experience a vast array of emotions from the moment they step inside the arena.  The home opener, in particular, is one of the most emotional nights on the sports calendar - it's a chance for the local fans to welcome their team back from their summer vacation and bring about the dawn of a new season: Hockey Season.

Earlier this week, I was fortunate enough to attend my very first home opener, as the Los Angeles Kings hosted the New York Rangers at Staples Center.  Little did I know that I would be witness to a three-hour display of a wide range of human emotion, which began from the moment I took my seat…


A pretty basic emotion, for sure, but one that should always be present.  We arrived inside the arena as the Kings were being introduced to the crowd, with each player receiving a warm round of applause as he skated out toward center ice.  It was a nice moment, and showed the passion of the home crowd.

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