21 August 2014

Hockey Road Trip: Christmas in Big Ten Country

Seeing as how we don't really get to see the seasons change here in Los Angeles, I always make it a point to come back to the Midwest for Christmas - my father still lives in Illinois; my sister Jennifer lives in northwest Ohio; her daughter Kayla lives in Columbus; and my dear friend Tony and his wife Kasey (die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fans) live near Dayton.  During a previous visit, I was able to see a Columbus Blue Jackets game and quickly fell in love with Nationwide Arena, so I figured I could try to make this an annual ritual during my holiday visits.  At the same time, I thought this would also be a good opportunity to head up to nearby Detroit and see Joe Louis Arena, before it closes in 2017.

In the summer of 2013, Kayla came to visit me in Los Angeles and suggested I return the favor by visiting her in Columbus.  I'd only been there for one brief evening (long enough to see a Blue Jackets game and then leave town), so this seemed like a great spot to start my visit.

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